Jewelry Making Trends

Bead Jewelry MakingJewelry making with beads is becoming more and more popular.  Fueled by financial hardship forcing the creative to make extra income designing jewelry, and the desire of jewelry customers’ to express their individually.

Gone are the days when creating jewelry was solely possible by professional jewelry designers.  Today, there is an increasing trend of people who make their own jewelry both for themselves and to sell - aided by fast-information of fashion, trends, design, and availability of beads and findings.

It’s not unusual for people to leave high-flying corporate jobs when they discover jewelry making. Their stress is replaced by an escape from the rat race and the surprise of hidden creativity.  In fact, when beading - you are transcended, much like a spiritual or meditational experience.

Even little kids take to making bangles with Troll Beads.  More for fun than a fad, but encouraged by their parents to expand their creativity.   For some, it is the discovery of hidden talents and the start of a future career.

Stores are filled with mass-produced earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but women are looking for unique jewelry to make them stand out from the crowd.
  This desire for one-of-a-kind designs is fueling the growing popularity of DIY jewelry making.

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