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How to Make Money Fast Buying & Selling Ebooks on eBay!

Full description:
• Business Introduction
• The Perfect Product to Sell
• Getting Started
• Listing Your Items
• Live Chat Help
• Grab the Customer’s Attention with your Item Title
• Choosing the Best Category
• Add Commonly-Searched Keywords
• Add Images
• Don’t Fall Into this Trap!
• Duration Counts!
• When to List
• Ship Worldwide
• Single Quantities vs Multiple Quantities
• Methods of Payment
• Submit them to eBay!
• Don’t Forget to Resell
• More Advanced eBook Selling Techniques
• The Number Game
• Maintaining a Good Feedback
• Exchange Before Refund
• Feedback Marketing Secrets
• The Importance of Cross-Sell
• Make the Buyer Curious
• Cross-Sell Through eMail
• Cross-Sell Similar Items
• Advanced Cross-Sell Techniques
• Be their Favorite Seller
• Make your Item Watched
• Volume is Key
• Buy My eBook Business


My name is Tony. You probably know me as Walutech on eBay. I’ve been living my life as a work-at-home eBay Powerseller for many years. I’ve quit my lucrative 9-5 job long ago and developed my business here on eBay since then. Work-at-home business is what I’ve always desired to have, and eBay has provided me with a perfect opportunity to make my fulltime living right off from the comfort of my bedroom. I took this opportunity many years ago, and many years
later, I am thanking myself for the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I’ve created what I would call the perfect home business. Over the course of this eBook, I will show you exactly what I do on eBay, and most importantly, I will explain how you can easily duplicate my success and become a Powerseller yourself in just 90 days!

Most of those who know me always say that I’m a person with one of the kindest hearts they’ve ever met. If there’s a lesson in life I’ve learned and practice it most, it is the act of giving. The feeling of joy I receive from helping another individual to achieve success is truly unmatched. I love helping others, and make no doubt, I will make sure that under my guidance, you will reach massive success as well – I just wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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